About Sara


Sara Hope Smith Design

I’m Sara and this is a showcase of my design work, but the truth is that I do much more than design. I am a driven creative designer and a marketing specialist that thrives on balancing thoughtful design and strategic marketing to produce a positive user experience across all media. A retail marketing professional and eCommerce expert, I have 13 years of experience in branding, user experience, SEO, copywriting, merchandising, and design. Fostering relationships with colleagues, vendors, and clients through considerate communication and leadership is my greatest asset.

I’m a lover of art, old movies, and travel. I feel it is wildly important to experience the great, big world because it keeps you creative, curious, and unattached to conventionality. When I’m not designing or consulting, you may catch me in a yoga class, playing poker, riding my cruiser, doing improv comedy, reading a book that inspires me, hanging out with dogs, gardening, or volunteering for a cause that I love. Wherever in the world that I may be, you can bet that I’m focused on making my surroundings a better place by spreading bits of magic with my smile and genuine positivity!

Adventure and opportunity awaits! Please contact me with advice, inquiries, or just to say hello – I’d love to hear from you.

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